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Activities & Credits

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Duration and organisation of teaching activities

The course lasts two weeks.

Total teaching activity is of 40 hours, of which 2 are for the final test.

The Summer School consists of 10 days (5+5 Monday-Friday) online lectures lessons.

Courses will start on Monday 31th August 2020 and will end on Friday 11st September 2020.


01 - Integrated management processes for an innovative sustainable approach to the existing and heritage building stock.
02 - Implementation and management of tools and Information Communication Technologies in quality monitoring.
03 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and integration methodologies with Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools.
04 - Digital methodologies in the construction process for an efficient and multi-dimensional project and workflow management.
05 - Analysis of integrated models and use-case studies within a multi-scale approach in planning and design processes.

Activities programme



Students are required to total a minimum 75% attendance at the Course to receive an attendance certificate and the 6 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System)-CFU in the relative field as per the rules and regulations of the Bachelors and Masters programmes. In case of insufficient attendance or arguable behaviour, the course directors may decide not to issue an attendance certificate.  Registration fees may not be refunded.

GIS-BIM summer school will assign n.6 CFU credits, equivalent to n.6 ECTS credits (1 ECTS = 1 CFU). Students will be provided with a certificate of completion of the course (if they satisfy attendance and exam requirements).

It is student’s responsibility to verify the validity of the course and validate it for credit at respective home University before applying to summer school.

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